Will  Chen was born in 1978. After graduation, he worked in a hardware machinery company in Taiwan. He worked as a manager of the quality department from an ordinary employee. During his seven years of work, he had a deep understanding and application of quality. The importance of quality knowledge and quality management to the enterprise and at the same time, he also found a lot of quality problems of cutting tools. The price was high and it was not practical.
He decided to set up a company to produce good tools and services for enterprises. In 2007, Yinsheng Machinery Co., Ltd. was established.

He always strictly controlled every product of the company with quality as the main factor. His preciseness, wisdom and integrity won the trust of customers and the respect of employees.

He is good at giving full play to the role of the management team, being strict with the law, paying attention to the establishment of rules and regulations, and insisting on the management of the company by the system. Focus on building core corporate culture, regard employees as family members, select talents and talents to build a platform for the growth of the company’s employees, to realize the development of everyone.