We always provide high precision machine tools accessories to saving your machining cost 

YinSheng Ltd. has five branches located in Taiwang, China and Europe. Our CEO is backed by over 15 years of CNC machine tools manufacturing experience. We have over 100, 000 square feet modern factory (high precision equipments imported Germany and Japan) and offices that have been fulfilling our destiny to sell to the customer, this allows us to offer better service and affordable prices all over the world. We also proud to carry products and full supply chain of cutting tools from over five hundred worldwide ISO 9000 Certified manufactures in China(Taiwan), Germany and Italy.

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Machine Tool Products

We deliver to customers in fast-paced industries with the highest request for precision. 100% reliability and outstanding quality

WOW – I dont know what else to say. This is the best machine tool  I have ever seen. I am a fully testing it , this run out precision under 0.003me out of expect.

Customers , Mahine shop

The  Igstool provide excellent support in how to use ,how to maintain  ,how to purcahse…, listens to their users & continually works into their machining job.

Reseller, MSC Industry corp
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