igstool Tool Holder ER Collet and pull studigstool Tool Holder ER Collet and pull stud

Founded in 2007, Yin Sheng Machinery Company Limited has been delivering productivity to customers seeking peak performance in the machinery industry by providing innovative custom and the highest quality standard products at the absolute best prices.
Yancheng Ltd. has five branches located in Taiwan, China and Europe. Our CEO is backed by over 15 years of CNC machining experience. We have over 100, 000 square feet modern factory (high precision equipment imported Germany and Japan) and offices that have been fulfilling our destiny to sell directly to the customer, this allows us to offer better service and affordable prices all over the world. We are also proud to carry products and a full supply chain of cutting tools from over five hundred worldwide ISO 9000 Certified manufacturers in China(Taiwan), Germany and Italy.

Our US warehouse and office landed in Los Angeles in 2014, for providing better service and technical support to our US customers, we are now able to deliver our manufacturing capacities and 100% customer satisfaction to your company doorstep within US nation in 72 hours. Nearly every item in our online catalog is kept in-stock for immediate shipping from the west coast or east coast.

Our fast and friendly customer service representatives will take your order by either phone calls or email anytime anywhere. Our office hours are 24 hours a day, seven days a week directly through our website at www. Igstool. COM.

Thank you for considering us for your purchase, if both quality and cost are your first concern, then Yin Sheng Machinery would be proud to serve you with all of your requests.

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High-Performance balance and shrink fit HAIMER Machine

High Precision 3D testing Machine

Three-dimensional one-finger coordinate measuring machine, which refers to an instrument capable of 
expressing the measurement capabilities of geometric shape, length and circumferential index in a hexahedral space, is also called 
a coordinate measuring instrument or a coordinate measuring machine. The coordinate measuring instrument can be defined as "a detector
 with three directions of movement, which can be moved on three mutually perpendicular rails. This detector transmits signals by contact 
or non-contact, and the displacement of the three axes. The measuring system (such as optical ruler) calculates the coordinates (X, Y, Z) 
of each point of the workpiece andthe instrument for measuring various functions through a data processor or computer." The measuring 
functions of the CMM should include dimensional accuracy, positioning accuracy, geometric accuracy and contour accuracy. Three-dimensional
also refers to three-dimensional space,if you need more information, please browse three-dimensional space or 3D entry.

Alignment Tool Holder and Projector Machine