ANSI 45° Pull Stud Retention knob For CAT50 Tool Holders 1-8″ Non Coolant

  • CAT50 45° Pull Stud Retention knobs
  • Works on all CAT 50 machines
  • For MAS CAT50 Spindles
  • Threaded is 1-8″
  • All critical surfaces precision ground
  • Made from alloy steel hardened to 54 – 56rc
  • Thru twice heat treatment of each pull stud
  • Angle degree have 45,60 and 90 available
  • Concentricity is less than .0005 at collet face
  • Coolant available
  • Rear thread for pull stud is 1-8″
  • Oxide black
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      CAT50 45° Retention knob Pull Stud For Tool Holders

High-quality low-carbon alloy steel is used for thread processing after quenching.
This type of stud shank has high hardness, wear-resistance, and long service life.
The hardness from the surface of the nail to the core gradually decreases, and the impact resistance is strong.
The size standard is suitable for high-end tool holders; the appearance is all black,
with high internal quality and Good rust effect, widely used abroad, a key recommendation


  Pull stud working principle

The working system of the tool holder pull stud: one end of the pull stud is connected to the machine tool bayonet and one end is connected to the tool holder, and the d part is snapped in according to the degree of the machine tool bayonet, and the thread and the tool holder are tightened.

The axial force transmitted through the pull rod and Tie rod joints and pull studs to tighten the handle. When changing the tool, it is required to loosen the tool holder. When the pull stud is installed on the main shaft of the ordinary machine tool or CNC machine tool, the circular arc joint of the rod body is connected to the front end of the pull rod structure, and the screw joint of the pull stud is extended into the spindle shaft hole.

The internal screw holes of the tool holder are matched and connected to realize the use of the tool holder on ordinary machine tools and CNC machine tools so that the tool holder can be used in both machining centers and ordinary machine tools and CNC machine tools, which improves the tool holder. Versatility reduces production costs.


 We accept Custom OEM Order 


          HAAS CAT50 Retention knob Pull Stud For Tool Holder 403-1982

CAT50 Product NO. CAT50 45 60 90 degrees available
Insulation material Hardened Alloy Steel
Hardness HRC 55
Thread h6  1-8″
Color Oxide Black
 Standard Spindle  CAT50 Taper
OEM  Yes
Manufacture IGSTOOL

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We do have 11 steps to checking retention knob to keep each pull stud in high-performance products on your tool holder

From material -production online -Longlife time testing -resistance testing and run out testing



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