MAS BT40 90° Retention knob Pull Stud For Tool Holders

  • MAS BT40 Retention knobs for BT40 Tool Holders
  • Works on all BT 40 machines
  • For MAS BT40 Spindles
  • Threaded is M16 X2
  • All critical surfaces precision ground
  • Made from alloy steel hardened to 54 – 56rc
  • Thru twice heat treatment of each pull stud
  • Angle degree have 45,60 and 90 available
  • Concentricity is less than .0005 at collet face
  • Coolant available
  • Rear thread for pull stud is M16X2
  • Oxide black
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      MAS BT40 90° Retention knob Pull Stud For Tool Holder

High-quality low-carbon alloy steel is used for thread processing after quenching.
This type of stud shank has high hardness, wear-resistance, and long service life.
The hardness from the surface of the nail to the core gradually decreases, and the impact resistance is strong.
The size standard is suitable for high-end tool holders; the appearance is all black,
with high internal quality and Good rust effect, widely used abroad, a key recommendation

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          MAS BT40 Retention knob Pull Stud For Tool Holder 403-1982

BT40 Product NO. BT40 45 60 90 degree available
Insulation material Hardened Alloy Steel
Hardness HRC 55
Thread h6  M16 X 2
Color Oxide Black
 Standard Spindle  BT40 Taper
OEM  Yes
Manufacture IGSTOOL

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All BT Retention Knobs Pull Stud available

We do have 11 steps to checking retention knob to keep each pull stud in high-performance products on your tool holder

From material -production online -Longlife time testing -resistance testing and run out testing

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