SK Collets SK20 SK16 SK10 and SK6 Collet

  • High precision SK  Collets
  • Works on all SK Collet Chuck Holder
  •  SK25 SK20 SK16 SK10 and SK6
  • High-performance spring steel
  • All surfaces precision ground
  • Twice heat treatment hardened   HRC48
  • SK Collet Clamping Range 1-36mm
  • Concentricity is less than .0002 and 0.0005 at collet face available
  • Oxide black
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  SK Collets SK20 SK16 SK10 and SK6

SK Collets with large tightening force, large clamping range and good accuracy. 
It is generally used for supporting the use of CNC tool holders. It plays an important role in the axial direction of machine tools. 
The use is a wide field, it needs to correspond to a variety of machine tool series, and includes products designed to reflect the 
different styles and characteristics of it and the machine tool, it is widely used in boring, milling, drilling, tapping , 
Grinding and carving.


        We accept custom OEM order 

SK Collets SK20 SK16 SK10 and SK6

SK Collets  Collet tyoe SK25 SK20 SK16 SK10 and SK6
Insulation material Alloy Spring Steel Full hardened
Hardness HRC 48
Run Out (TIR) 0.0001″ / 0.003mm
Hole Stand  h6 tolerance and no flexible chucking range
 Clamping increase range  0.5mm or 0.015″
Clamping  Range 1-36mm or 1/16 to 1.25″
Water pressure 80kg/cm2 (1000psi)



We use spring steel from Japan and Germany, Taiwan.
SUJ2 after heat treatment, it has high hardness and toughness, better grinding quality, good flexibility, and longer useful life. hardened in hrc48, all SK Collet 100% QC, keep each SK collets are in good run out condition, run out checking with 4 times long, using Rego-fix, Collet QC system,99% collet run out under 5 μm.



We sold quantity over  500,000 pieces per year


                    Sk Collets Special materials are used to prevent rust, high friction, small deformation, stable accuracy and high wear resistance. Can achieve about 
                                                                      1.5 times the compression output of ordinary than ER collets


SK collet clamping range size

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