CAT50 Integrated Drill Chuck Tool Holders keyless Chuck

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CAT50 Integrated Drill Chuck Tool Holders keyless Chuck

  • CAT50 Drill Chuck Tool Holders
  • Works on all CAT 50 machines
  • Clamping Size: 1/2 and 5/8
  • All critical surfaces precision ground
  • Made from alloy steel hardened to 54 – 56rc
  • Gage length is: 4inches
  • Concentricity is less than .005 at collet face
  • Rear thread for pull stud is 5/8-11
  • Color Silver Coated: never rusty ever


      CAT50 Integrated Keyless Drill Chuck Tool Holders


                                                                                                Why choose to keyless drill chuck tool holders
The compact drill chuck adopts the self-tightening function of the self-tightening drill chuck in structure. With the wrench,
 the clamping jaw of the hand-tight drill chuck is cylindrical. And avoiding its shortcomings and processing difficulties
1.  High precision and quick clamping;
2. With self-tightening function, you can just clamp the drill bit gently, and increase the clamping force synchronously with the increase of the torque in the drilling, 
    and can produce a noticeable high-strength clamping force to prevent the drill bit from slipping;
3. Heat treatment for clamping jaw HRC55 
4. Taper holes can be used with drill shanks of various specifications
5. All parts and taper with silver coated never rusty ever
6. Using in automatic operation controlled by computer management process withprocessed safely and smoothly


           Drill Chuck Tool Holders 

CAT50 Product NO. CAT50 Integrated Keyless Drilling Chuck Tool Holder 13MM 
Insulation material Hardened Alloy Steel 
Clamping Range  2-13mm or 3/32″ to 1/2 ” 5/8 
Run Out (TIR) <0.001″ or 0.03mm
Color Silver Coated
 Standard Spindle  CAT50 Taper
Clamping slot   3
Manufacture IGSTOOL


           Application Guide ANSI CAT Taper Standard



CAT50 Integrated Keyless Drill Chuck Tool Holder

All critical tool holder surfaces precision ground with silver coated 


CAT50 Drill chucks are mainly hand drill chucks and keyless drill chuck tool holder.
The drill chuck by ahankd are mostly produced by machine tools in large quantities, so the price is cheap,
but due to the limitation of its structure, the accuracy of the wrench drill chuck is not high.
It is mainly used for bench drills, small radial drills, power tools Where clamping accuracy is not high,
the drill bit needs to be tightened with a wrench, and the operation is more complicated. In machining centers,
advanced drilling machines and other places that require high drilling accuracy, keyless drill chucks tool holder are generally require