ER40 Tool Holder Ball Bearing Collet Nut Designed

  • ER32 Tool Holder Collet Nut
  • All critical surfaces precision ground
  • Made from alloy steel hardened to 54 – 56rc
  • Thru twice heat treatment of each collet nut
  • Balance :G2.5 25000rpm 
  • Color :oxide black
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                                       ER40  Tool Holder Ball Bearing Collet Nut  Designed

                                 Designed base in balance G2.5 25000rpm approved excellent quality.

                                    CNC Machining Groove slot in order easy take-off ER collet  from the tool holder body


 We accept Custom OEM Order 

Tool Holder Ball Bearing Collet Nut

Insulation material aluminum
Hardness HRC 55
Slot for wrench  6
Color Oxide Black
 Thread  M40X1.5 M32X1.5 M25X1.5
For all ER Collet   ER40,ER32,ER25 ,ER20 ,ER16 Collets
Standard   DIN6499 B



What,s ER Tool Holder Ball Bearing Collet Nut Vacumming Designed collet nut?

Tool holder nut refers to a fastener of tool and collet chuck. which is installed on the tool holder. As key part fix tools, its reliable mechanical performance and excellent dynamic balance performance

The regular nut needs to be drilled on the surface or decrease its weight by other methods for removing material to correct dynamic balance after processing completion which will affect appearance.

IGSTOOL built-in 2007,over 13+years production line include er collet,collet chuck ,cat40 tool holder ,cat40 collet holder ,collet holder ,shrink fit tool holder and slim fit collet chuck machine tools,we made  er collet from er8 ,er16 ,er20 ,er32 ,er40 up to er50 ,collet chucks taper in cat30,cat40,cat50 ,bt30 ,bt40,bt50 and hsk63 iso20 iso30 etc .We made the spring collet
precision up to 3um and er collet chuck up to 0.002mm run out precision .We also provide er collet set ,drill collet,5c collet set and r8 collet set ,our er collet precision
match techniks collet and lyndex collets. otherwise we accept OEM tool collet and router collet ,lathe collet chuck and 16c collet too.

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