Straight Shank Extension Shrink Fit Tool Holder

  • Straight Shank Extension Shrink Fit Tool Holder
  • Works on all extension machine
  •  1/8,1/4,3/8,1/2, 5/8,3/4, and 1″ available
  • All critical surfaces precision ground
  • Made from alloy steel hardened to 54 – 56rc
  • Balanced to G2.5 at 25,000 RPMs
  • Gage length is ( from 0.5″ to 10 inches)
  • Concentricity is less than .0001 at collet face
  • Color Silver Coated: never rusty ever
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            Straight Shank Extension Shrink Fit Tool Holders 1/8,3/8,1/2, And 3/4 available


Why choose to shrink Fit tool holders
   1. Fast loading and unloading of tools, heating by heat shrinking machine, with 13KW high power can complete the tool installation and clamping within 5 seconds, 
cooling only takes 30 seconds, unique water cooling device can prevent the accuracy of the tool holder from deteriorating.
   2. High precision and small run out. The tool mounting part does not have the parts such as the nut and collet required by the collet chuck.
It is simple and effective, the cold shrink clamping is strong and stable, the tool deflection is less than or equal to 3μ, 
the tool wear is reduced, and the high precision during high-speed processing is guaranteed.
    3. The crown is small and widely used. The ultra-thin tip part and abundant shape of the shank can be widely used for 
high-speed high-precision machining and deep hole machining.
   4, simple and efficient, long life. Hot loading and unloading operation, even if the same holder is hot-loaded more than 2000 times, 
the accuracy will not change, the stability is stable and reliable, and the service life is long.


Straight Product NO.  Extension Shrink Fit Tool Holder
Insulation material Hardened Alloy Steel 
Hardness HRC 55
Run Out (TIR) <0.0001″ or 0.003mm
Color Silver Coated
 Standard Spindle  straight shank
Stop Screw Threaded for internal stop screw included
Manufacture IGSTOOL


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Straight Shank Extension /8,3/8,1/2, And 3/4 available

Each shrink fit tool holder made in the standard of G2.5 25,000 rpm.

        For the shrink fit tool holder hole with h6 tolerance, Using HA to DIN6535 and Form A to DIN 1835-1, 




IGSTOOL built-in 2006,over 13+years production line include er collet,collet chuck ,cat40 tool holder ,cat40 collet holder ,collet holder ,shrink fit tool holder and slim fit collet chuck machine tools,we made  er collet from er8 ,er16 ,er20 ,er32 ,er40 up to er50 ,collet chucks taper in cat30,cat40,cat50 ,bt30 ,bt40,bt50 and hsk63 iso20 iso30 etc .We made the spring collet precision up to 3um and er collet chuck shrink fit tool holder up to 0.002mm run out precision. We also provide er collet set, drill collet,5c collet set and r8 collet set , our er collet precision
match techniks collet and lyndex collets. otherwise we accept OEM tool collet and router collet,lathe collet chuck and 16c collet too.


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