Why Balance ER Collet Nut

1. High-quality chrome-molybdenum steel 42CrMo is adopted as blank. The cost can be reduced by large volume production, the processing flow
should be strictly controlled to ensure the overall mechanical performance and stability of the technology.

2. Advanced heat treatment equipment is adopted for reducing the internal residual stress. Each batch should be sampled for testing
hardness to ensure consistent product hardness and improve product durability

3. Inner cone and the threaded should be processed and shaped in one time to ensure concentricity and precision of nut. Besides.
machine processing operation can be simplified and processing difficulty can be reduced through enhancing self-balance of the nut

4. Surface bluing treatment ensures attractive appearance, improves corrosion resistance and be more durable

Install ER Collet Nut :
1. Insert the collet at an angle, fitting the two extractor teeth which protrude A  then  into the collet’s groove
2. place the two parts on a clean and horizontal work surface, press down with your thumb on the back end of the collet until it clicks into