IGSTOOL tool suppliers should constantly understand the needs of users, not only to supply users with high-quality tools,
 but also to provide users with feasible tool solutions, regularly hold trainings, and communicate advanced cutting 
 technology and high-end cutting concepts to user technical personnel . 
 Improve the cutting technology of aerospace enterprises through effective comprehensive tool technology support.

The tool materials widely used in the aerospace manufacturing industry are mainly in the following categories:
tool steel (carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel, high-speed steel), cemented carbide, ceramics and super-hard tool materials. 
Among them, cemented carbide and cemented carbide are divided, ceramic materials have higher hardness, 
hot hardness and wear resistance, and chemical stability, oxidation resistance and other homogeneous cemented carbide, 
therefore, ceramic tools have become aerospace industry A mainstream of tool development.
In the process of aerospace materials processing, groove processing and hole processing are difficult to process. 
The processing of engine disk parts, shaft parts, and casing parts requires very high processing tools. Therefore, 
in the processing of such parts, high-performance cemented carbide standard tools and cemented carbide non-standard tools are used very much .
 The selection of tools in actual processing should consider the following factors: workpiece material, workpiece shape, 
processing requirements, processing machine tool, system rigidity, and surface quality technical requirements.