ER collet is a kind of collet chuck with large tightening force, wide clamping range and good precision.
 It is generally used for supporting the use of CNC collet tool holders.
The ER clamping collet in high performance, high accuracy, simple loading and unloading and low price . 

1. The ER collet is a very simple thing, but many factors can affect its use. In general, the friction between the things clamped under the gas mine and the chuck is an important factor that affects whether the chuck is clamped. In general, the greater the friction, the tighter the clamp, and the opposite when the friction is small.

2. The beginning is the problem of its axis adjustment. Only by adjusting the action points of the large and small shafts can a very large clamping force be displayed. Because the clamping force of the large shaft is relatively large and the clamping force of the small shaft is relatively large When it is small, it is often important to adjust the length of the axis.

3. Before the main body cone is installed on the main shaft, first scrub the chuck cone and the main shaft of the machine tool, and tap the end surface of the main body with a rubber hammer or wooden hammer to ensure tightness, firmness or tightening with a post. Select the corresponding sleeve to clean according to the processing needs, put it into the inner hole of the main body, and gently push the main body sliding cap, so that the square of the sleeve is inserted into the square hole in the main body, and then the corresponding tool is clamped on the sleeve. use.

4. If using the tapping function, remember to loosen the nut first, and tighten the nut according to the needs of the different torque of the tap during processing, so that the tap does not slide. When the tap is placed in the tap sleeve, care should be taken to place the square handle into the square hole in the collet to increase the torque. Push the sliding cap lightly, you can remove the sleeve (or replace) first, and after cleaning, clean the rust, body and collet.

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