CAT Tool Holder Standard Dimension

US ANSI B55.50 (referred to as a) ANSI B55.50 is an American standard, the installation size is in accordance with DIN69871
IS07388 / 1 is similar, but with one wedge notch, ANSI B5.50 tool holders cannot be installed in DIN69871 and
I7388 / machine tools, but DN69871 and IS07388 / 1 holders can be installed on ANSI B55.50 machine tools.

HSK vacuum tool holders at 1:10

The German standard for HK vacuum tool holders is DIN69873. There are six standards and specifications, namely HSk-A, HSK-B, HSK-C,
hsk-dhsk-ehsk-f, there are three commonly used: hk-a with internal cooling automatic tool change HSKC with internal cooling
Manual tool change) and HSK-E (automatic tool change with internal cooling, high speed type)