The shrink fit tool holder is a hot-loading system that uses a difference between the thermal expansion coefficients of 
the tool holder (special stainless steel)and the tool (hard alloy) to clamp the tool strongly and with high precision.

The shank material uses special stainless steel for hot-packing with a large thermal expansion coefficient,
which achieves low-temperature hot-packing at 300 ° C. Simple hot air heating device using industrial hair dryer.
With a collection of 3,500 tool holders of different shapes.

We can Clamping everything from high speed and finishing to heavy cutting, milling, drilling, and reaming. The SLIMLINE cutter mounting section does not have parts such as nuts and collets required for collet chucks.
Simple, ultra-slender shape can set the length of the protruding tool to the shortest, get strong and stable clamping force, and maintain high precision.

Shrink fit tool holder with High precision 0.002mm , High speed 50,000rpm  and high performance for your machining job 

Why choose shrink fit tool holder for high speed CAT BT hsk tool holder

1. Fast loading and unloading of tools, heating with a heat shrinking machine, 13KW high power can complete the tool installation and clamping within 5 seconds, cooling only takes 30 seconds,and the unique water cooling device can prevent the accuracy of the tool holder from deteriorating.

2. High precision and small runout. The tool mounting part does not have the parts such as the nut and collet required by the collet chuck. It is simple and effective,the cold shrink clamping is strong and stable, the tool deflection is less than or equal to 3μ, the tool wear is reduced,
and the high precision during high-speed processing is guaranteed.

3. The stalk is small and widely used. The ultra-thin tip part and abundant shape of the shank can be widely used for high-speed high-precision machining and deep hole machining. 4. Simple and long life. Hot loading and unloading operation, even if the same holder is hot-loaded more than 2000 times, the accuracy will not change, the stability is stable and reliable,and the service life is long.

5. Compact structure and high rigidity: The inner hole of the tool holder is directly connected to the tool, and there is no intermediate carrier.

6. Large transmission torque: It can achieve 2 times or higher torque output of ordinary ER chuck holders.

7. Wide adaptability and good surface quality: It is suitable for various rough and fine processing, and has good surface quality.

8. High clamping accuracy: The accuracy of the high precision level of the chuck and chuck to clamp the tool is generally ≤0.005mm (at 4D) and the run-out accuracy of the heat-shrinkable chuck to clamp the tool is ≤0.002mm (at 4D).